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For when things go wrong...

BossMan asked for a French flag like mine to put in his office window (Google images), and when I walked by I noticed he had taped it upside down.  I stopped to ask if I could fix it and we were laughing at ourselves for being ignorant.  He said, "Je suis Americaine" and I tried to figure out if 'Je suis idiot' was correct, when he threw down the trump card with "Les Incompétents."  We both laughed.

I've decided I want a nametag with 'Les Incompétents" on it.  I'm not sure how many folks would actually get the joke.


I was in 6 hours of meetings today about designing a new space.  One hour of that was with an "instructional designer," who tried to tell us that in his field - and perhaps we haven't heard of it - they like "active learning" - which was baffingly being used to describe a study room in which students were going to be able to do group activity without any sort of instructor present at all.

Apparently, a group of academic instruction librarians never were supposed to have heard of that term.  And in one hour, that was all he had to offer.  Oh wait - he really wants us to use whiteboard paint.  Nevermind there won't be any flat wall space. Use whiteboard paint!

I have no idea what the hell any one is paying him for.  Every meeting I have been in with him has been this way.  In one meeting, he came in, put up an image of a fireplace (you know those yuletide logs?) and pointed to that as an effective use of the smartboard.  And that was all he did the whole meeting.


Is anyone else on here following the delightful email witchhunt on the NYLINE listserv??

Jobbers: who do you use?

As noted before in a previous post, B&T gave us the boot because they will no longer serve academic libraries.  Our current jobber has sent us nothing and we're getting desparate.  Which jobber does your library use and are you pleased with them?


Just sitting down at my desk after lunch and it dawns on me.....I really don't like my co-workers very much. We're a small department so there are only a couple other full-time people besides me so I try to be friendly and chatty but the passive-aggressiveness is just crazy sometimes.

Another revelation......librarians can be really pretentious, can't they? I mean, it's like some librarians think they are so much more educated than other people and if someone doesn't understand a literary reference, then that person is just not good enough.

I've been noticing this a lot more in my department lately. Probably why I've started looking elsewhere for work.

Sep. 28th, 2015

Oh my God this guy actually bought a smartphone.

I just...seriously, I cannot believe it. This is SO WEIRD.

this one's a classic

I have a member of my board of directors who is quite a fan of the classics of literature. So much so that he "tsk tsks" when the bills are passed around at meetings and reads the books that I have ordered. He dislikes what he terms "throw away" reads and wishes that we did not spend so much money on them.

He came in one day and told me that we could really become known as the library that houses the classics. I told him that I would happily gather all of the classics that we have in house and make a special "Classics" shelf so that they are easily found by patrons. I asked what list of classics he had in mind. Modern classics? American classics? There are so many different lists. (He didn't give me a specific list.) Unfortunately for me, he also considers my giant weeding project to be evidence of "throw away" reads.

While I agree with him that say, James Patterson's Alex Cross series will likely not in the future be considered classic novels, we are here to service the current interests of our patrons, and that is what they are interested in reading. They aren't interested in the classics. I know because I scanned a bunch of them and they have NEVER BEEN SIGNED OUT. If we want to raise money for the library by going on the school ballot, it's in our best interest to please the voters.

I don't have a problem spending some money to fill in gaps in the collection - I find it weird to go to a library that doesn't own a copy of say, To Kill a Mockingbird or Catcher in the Rye, for example - but we can't possible own EVERYTHING that is considered a classic. Our budget is too small for that, and it doesn't suit our population. If a patron wants something we don't own, that it want inter-library loans are for, or e-books for those who have access. *sigh*

weeding is legal in this state

I just found a booked titled Countries of the World and Their Leaders on my shelves. Copyright 1979. Um.....

I became the director of my village library on August 18th, after a 3 year stint at a library about 20 miles from my house. The new gig works out well for me - I am working 25 hours a week as opposed to 40 and I am making the same amount of money, and my new library is right across the street from my house! The commute is wonderful! The shelves, however, are so tight that I have to shift just to put returned books back, so I have started weeding. It's a bit ugly. There are books on the shelf that haven't gone out since 2000.

I know that circulation isn't the only factor in weeding, but if there are multiple other copies of that title in the system (there are 65 libraries in my system) that book is going into the book sale that takes up the whole of my basement.

I also have a huge rack of children's books on cassette taking up valuable real estate in the children's room, as well as a honking big computer desk and printer. The table in the children's room is doubling as a shelf because the children's books were never weeded. And there are magazines from 2004 in holders on the shelves.....it's really rather depressing. The books on cassette will probably go because I need the space so I can start to have story hours.

Do you want to know about the non-fic VHS tapes copyright 1985 on topics like schizophrenia?

The best I can figure is that the previous director (who worked here for 24 years and is an extremely nice woman who I'm not trying to pass judgement on) did not like to get rid of items for which the library had paid, and did not want to discard donations on the chance that the donor would walk in asking to see the item.

It just makes the place look sooooo dated and doesn't send a good message to patrons. "Oh, VHS tapes. Great, this place isn't going to have anything I actually want."

Hopefully I can tidy the place up, get more people through the door and show everyone the fun stuff that the library and the library system have to offer. Wish me luck! (And offer suggestions/critiques. Heh.)

Reading between the levels

I am about to commit  mass bibliocide.

My middle school language arts teachers are mandating the kids read 4 books a quarter.

No problem.

They have to be: a biography, a book with mythological characteristics, and 2 fiction books.

Again, no problem.

What I DO have a problem with, are kids coming to the Media Center, and telling me, "I need a biography."
"OK, have you thought of a particular person you want to study or read about?"
"No, but the book has to be at least a 6.7 reading level."
"No, but the book has to be at least an 8.1 reading level."
"I don't care, I just have to have a book that's on my reading level of at least 7.2"

*tears hair out by the roots*

We are TEACHING these kids to fail, and to be *lazy readers*. I've had 8th graders come to me, and when they see the choices they have, they groan, or wrinkle their nose, or just scowl, and ALL ask, "Ms. Hazelnut, where are the short books that are on my reading level?"

I tell them, "You're in 8th grade; stop being a lazy reader."

And on the flip side, when a student finds a book that sounds really interesting, and they're excited to find that is AVAILABLE in the library, this happens.

They see the book on the shelf.
"YES! The Compound is in!"
They look at the spine, and see the reading level. And their face falls.
"Ohhhh....it's only a 4.1 reading level. My lowest reading level is 5.4. I'm not allowed to read this."
And they sadly put the book back on the shelf.

*headdesk x 1000*

My Kids Librarian Needs to GOooooooo!!!!!!

I have a librarian I wish I could boot. This person has a short fuse and hates working with anyone over the age of 6. How am I supposed to cultivate good relations with the few kids we have with this short tempered nasty attitude? I was cornered (librarian looked a little Mad Hatter honestly) and ranted about a kid who likes to get the librarian riled up because she/he knows the librarian doesn't like him/her. No one else has this problem with said trouble individual. I have seen several instances of this and its not just limited to teens, if adults aren't perfectly amicable it's the same thing. Granted, working in a troubled neighborhood come with it's own frustrations, but if this librarian has had it, then they needs to go away. Unfortunately I have em for the long haul... or has a stroke. I'm not even sure how to broach the subject with this person. Did I mention that this person also has a persecution complex? *sigh*

Authority Record

the fuck
The Society for Librarians* Who Say "Motherfucker"
For all of those times when the gatekeepers of the world's knowledge are called upon, in their professional capacity, to use the word "motherfucker." Or at least to seriously consider it.

*Open to librarians; library associates, specialists, technicians, and paraprofessionals of all kinds; library school students; library aides and volunteers; and all of those who love libraries, or even just love a particular librarian. Welcome.

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