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Why, you're very welcome

Back on a Saturday in March of last year, a weekend staff member made up a card for a new patron who only gave a PO Box, and did not show proof of residency.  On Monday, the Circ Head caught this mistake and noted on the record this was insufficient and proof had to be shown next time.

The patron came in about a month later and could not show proof of residency when wanting to take out resume books. Several staff members explained this and of course, as the Evil Director, it got bumped to me.  She could/would not show anything with our town's address on it just emphatically stating, "I travel a lot".

She asked multiple times, "Why was I given a card, then?"  To which I replied, "We made a mistake, which as soon as we realized, we took steps to correct".  After the third time - and clearly, here's where i went wrong - I said, "For the third time, It's out mistake, i apologize, we are correcting it".

Now comes the yelling, foul language, I'm rude, all the usual, which I can hear from my office window as she goes outside and comes back in, still calling me every name in the book.  She's now at the public PCs working with her mother who also is not eligible for a card here, and when they get done, the mother stops at the Reference Desk to pick up print outs.  At this time, the mother places the resume books on top of a pile of their papers and folders.  The daughter comes over and not once, not twice, but three times, shoves the books until they fall to the floor.  Seen on security footage. She and the mother leave and on the way out a chair is kicked.  Not on security footage, bad angle.

Twenty minutes ago:
I get called down to the Circ Desk to talk with a patron who was as pleasant as can be to the staff asking for me because she wanted to thank me.  I don't recognize the name and bumble on down obligingly.

It's the young lady who wants to thank me because I was so rude to her with the resume books that I motivated her to get her dream job.  She thanked me profusely getting that dig in a few more times, so I just told her congratulations and you're welcome.

So her dream job is being a self entitled bitch?  I thought we had the Real Housewives of New Jersey for that?
Just curious--how do your roles differ in terms of what those who have a MLS are expected to do vs. those who do not.

If I had known that getting my MLS would mean that I would be the one waking up the sleepers, telling people not to eat at the computers, etc. I might have re-thought the degree! I understand a lot of why I am the one who deals with the behavioral issues (although my MLS program did not give me ANY training for it), but I have moments when I wish some of the "regular" staff would take some initiative and try dealing with the behavior themselves. The other day I was helping 2 people on the computers and a staff member came over to tell me that another man was eating chinese food. I finished up with the computers and then went to talk to the little old man who had brought in his dinner and explained that he could not eat it in the building. He was not intimidating at all. I understand that there are "scary" patrons who staff do not want to approach, but that isn't always the case. As a regular staff member, I would use my judgment about who to approach and who I should get a professional for. I just don't see that as much with the staff I work with now (with a few exceptions). I guess this really grates on me because at least once a week I hear "you make the big bucks!" Nobody is forcing them to stay in this low-paying job without any benefits!

Anyway...thanks for letting me vent. I gotta go wake someone up who's snoring away in the stacks! ;-)

Oh, how I wish I could...

Dear Parent or Guardian of ,

Your son's hat had the unfortunate habit of flying through the library today without his head attached.  It is now held safely behind the Circulation Desk.  The hat, not the head.  Should he wish it back, I will be delighted to return it once you and I have had a conversation about how your ill-behaved brat needs a swift kick in the ass.

But I didn't...so...anybody want a hat?

Jan. 28th, 2016


My library is not associated with Yahoo. I do not know why Yahoo is not accepting your password. I cannot make them accept your password. I can show you how to bypass the password step, and I can show you how to change your password, but I cannot make Yahoo accept your password. Thank you and goodnight.

My Day

Things seemed a little more...varied than normal...sorry if I ramble!

I am an Aide at a medium branch. No sooner had I stepped out onto the floor with my cart to shelve than a patron told me there was a cigarette butt at one of the computers and she explained how she refused to touch it. I cleaned it up and was almost trampled by another patron who wanted to use the computer. It was the last one left and the previous patron had finished.

Then I had shelved for about 10 minutes when one of my coworkers came to get me. There was a patron that I had helped about 6+ months ago do some research about Angora rabbits and using their fur to knit with. The patron had finally bough a bunny and brought it to show me! She was allowed to sit in the lobby with it. I visited for about 10 minutes, such a soft rabbit! A teenager came by, one of the types who is a bit of a punk, and he was reduced to gibberish over the bunny and wanted to pet it. It was hilarious! Then I forced myself to end the visit and get back to work.

I was going to grab a coworker to see if she wanted to see the rabbit before the patron left, but I was snagged once again. Our women's toilet wouldn't flush and the patron was embarrassed. Then she led me over to the reference books and asked if the books would be able to help her research *whisper* STDs */whisper* I took her to nonfic, but we didn't have any books. I asked her if there was a specific one she wanted to know about, but she didn't know the type. I offered to order her some general books, teach her how to use the online catalog, or to give her our phone number so she could call when she knew what she wanted. She turned them all down and left.

I went to fix the toilet.

Later, I smelled cat urine while I was shelving, but couldn't pin point where it was coming from. I smelled all the books I was shelving and all around the area. Must have been someone walking by. Bleh.

Coworker was doing the pull list and there were like 7 books in a row that she couldn't find. Suspicious. I went hunting and I guess the person who did the list earlier stacked the books off to the side of the counter, where they were swept up and put back on the shelving cart in the back.

Sprinkle all that with people wanting tax forms - especially those that know what they want but not the name of the form, so we can't print it for them - and it makes for an interesting day!

Not strictly library-related, but...

There should be a special circle of hell for mofo coworkers who microwave smelly fish in the break room. Several times a week. For at least the last decade. Bleargh!

For when things go wrong...

BossMan asked for a French flag like mine to put in his office window (Google images), and when I walked by I noticed he had taped it upside down.  I stopped to ask if I could fix it and we were laughing at ourselves for being ignorant.  He said, "Je suis Americaine" and I tried to figure out if 'Je suis idiot' was correct, when he threw down the trump card with "Les Incompétents."  We both laughed.

I've decided I want a nametag with 'Les Incompétents" on it.  I'm not sure how many folks would actually get the joke.

Authority Record

the fuck
The Society for Librarians* Who Say "Motherfucker"
For all of those times when the gatekeepers of the world's knowledge are called upon, in their professional capacity, to use the word "motherfucker." Or at least to seriously consider it.

*Open to librarians; library associates, specialists, technicians, and paraprofessionals of all kinds; library school students; library aides and volunteers; and all of those who love libraries, or even just love a particular librarian. Welcome.

Date Due

February 2016


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