subsoiled mangote (mangote) wrote in library_mofo,

Please forgive me it's my 2nd post today, but parents who drop of their kids and leave are mofos

Thanks for leaving your two new foster kids here, thinking they can just play on the computer for the next 5 hours.  Actually since they don't have library cards and because of a little thing called CIPA, I can't just let them on, even as they start crying because they have been looking forward to it for days.  Thanks for making me be the bad guy.  Thanks for leaving a 8 and a 14 year old unsupervised who have no way to contact you because they don't have your number and don't know your last name yet.  Thanks for letting me worry about them (even though like "no in loco parentis") as a super-friendly middle aged man who is not a regular here comes over to them and starts chit chatting with them (thankfully he leaves shortly).  
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