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Hey thanks, Boss of Boss, for telling her that pages can't work more than 4 hour shifts anymore, and that she can't give out extra hours to pages out of the budget of the staff person who quit that we're not replacing. I would have appreciated your disregard of my ability to assess my own personal risk for repetitive motion injuries against the need for more money at the best of times, but it's especially awesome now, right after thanksgiving, when the combination of pages going on vacation and the library being closed for 3 days now means we have no empty carts, none, and the ones that we do have are stacked double- and triple-deep with books. But, you're right, extra shelving man hours would totally cause anarchy within the library. We can totally shelve all these materials, and go through a weeks worth of emails, and run the holds list, and pull expired holds, and check in the delivery, and get totally caught up in no time at all.

Your Intrepid Shelving Team

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December 3 2013, 15:32:54 UTC 4 months ago

If it's any consolation, it's a better situation than my library where pages can only work four hours per week for some totally weird reason I don't understand. We have eleven pages.


December 3 2013, 16:58:56 UTC 4 months ago

Blargh^2! I've been a page for awhile so I'm pretty good at rolling with the punches and not feeling frantic about getting everything done, but this week, for some reason...maybe it's that we've never been THIS backed up before, I dunno.

How does your district expect to retain anyone for 4 hours a week? The logic, it hurts, precious.


December 3 2013, 21:17:26 UTC 4 months ago

I think maybe she means 4 hours a day. :)


December 3 2013, 21:21:41 UTC 4 months ago

Nope. Four hours per week. I don't know how we keep any pages, but I guess most of them are retirees and high school students.


December 5 2013, 20:12:44 UTC 4 months ago

Actually, I wouldn't mind doing four hours per week if they work with my current full-time job. But yeah, that's the kind of job for retirees, high school students, and the otherwise-employed who want a supplemental income.


December 3 2013, 18:34:43 UTC 4 months ago

Welp, we have now filled all the carts twice over, and have pulled things out of the book drop and piled them on the floor, and the book drops are overflowing. And people are still returning things.

I need cookies.


December 3 2013, 21:22:40 UTC 4 months ago

Every library should have an emergency chocolate stash for things like this.


December 4 2013, 01:52:41 UTC 4 months ago



December 9 2013, 18:54:41 UTC 4 months ago



December 4 2013, 15:07:32 UTC 4 months ago

Pane of glass with small hammer. "In case of emergency, break glass to access emergency chocolate. Consume chocolate. If emergency still exists, apply hammer to boss."


December 4 2013, 15:20:29 UTC 4 months ago

perfect. For my boss, a claw hammer....


December 4 2013, 03:26:16 UTC 4 months ago

If you want to stand a chance in hell of getting this fixed, have visual proof of the chaos caused by the new rules. And don't be afraid to point out that finding a recently returned item is now extremely difficult.


December 4 2013, 03:29:28 UTC 4 months ago

Heh, we spent much of the morning turning away librarians and circ clerks who would venture into the back room looking for something that a patron wanted that said it had been turned in three days ago. "It's somewhere! Put it on hold! We'll find it later!"


December 4 2013, 05:28:06 UTC 4 months ago

Start stacking them in the Boss of Boss' office, or at least along the hallways leading to the office.


December 4 2013, 04:27:13 UTC 4 months ago

I'm surprised the patrons haven't complained yet. I would be a little grouchy if I had to wait three days for a book that was technically "in".


December 4 2013, 11:56:11 UTC 4 months ago

I'm just glad that everything seems to be getting checked in, and that as far as I know, nobody has yet called or come in because something they put in the bookdrop is still on their record (we have a sorter that automatically checks in things).


December 4 2013, 15:21:32 UTC 4 months ago

Man, you must be so frustrated. Hang in there!