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It's YOUR fine!

Ug! I never win these and if anyone has any pointers about productive arguments I'll gladly read them. I had a rude well to do couple in and the man is upset because the self checkout machine says he has a 3 dollar fine. "I have never owed this place anything" he belts out as he looms over me. Using the crappy mini iPad they have us carry around I proceed slowly ( cause our program is not designed to work correctly nor efficiently on one) to look up the account and explain that it was for a late DVD. Woman pipes up " I don't remember that one one so it must be a mistake." Luckily man jumps in saying he remembers it but he brought everything in together on time so "how could there possibly be a fine."

Please be aware man is still looming and voices are starting to rise. Me just wanting them to go away, "I can remove the fine but I have to note that I did so on the account." "Fine." States the man who doesn't back out of my space until I finish it and then marches from the library.

I was soooo pissed that I was intimidated and knew that they were just trying to cause enough angst to get their way, i immediatly went to the break room to give myself a time out and to wish huge amounts of holiday indegestion upon them. Seriously, take some responsibility and pay your stupid fines.
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December 8 2013, 16:47:37 UTC 4 months ago

Three dollars is an acceptable loss for not having to deal with shouty people. And the next time they try it, someone else will just shrug and say, "Sorry. We did this once as a courtesy. Pay up."


December 8 2013, 21:06:34 UTC 4 months ago



December 8 2013, 23:13:22 UTC 4 months ago

You know, I know, and everyone reading this who has been in this situation knows that the reason they acted the way they did is because they secretly feel guilty. silveradept is quite right. Next time these two mofos pull this stunt, they'll be shut down in their tracks. Karma.


December 11 2013, 20:46:43 UTC 4 months ago

I had a patron argue with me yesterday that a $10 fine was something he "shouldn't have to pay, because the book just isn't worth that." WTF?! It's a hardcover book. His argument, "It's not even a textbook or anything."

I shut him up by telling him that had he lost the book, we would have charged $60 to replace it.


December 11 2013, 23:21:33 UTC 4 months ago

Hahahahahahahahaha! Awesome. I talked to my manager later and she said it was alright and not to sweat the small stuff. 😀


December 12 2013, 22:58:57 UTC 4 months ago

It helps to have a physical desk between you and the patron for shouting interactions. The next time it starts to happen, just say that you will talk to them about it over at the xyz desk and walk over to it. Make it seems as if you can get more information quickly at that desk. The physical desk will cut back a bit when they try to physically intimidate you. Also, does your library have something that they sign if they ever get a waiver?


December 12 2013, 23:36:16 UTC 4 months ago

Ooooh, that's a good idea. We have moved to a roving, here's your mini iPad, sort of deal and I didn't think about moving it over to the only desk they left us after the remodel. I'll remember that next time. Because I noted the account about forgiving the fine, anyone else will not do it as we only give this courtesy once unless they have face difficulties such as disasters and lengthy hospital stays which are also documented to prevent any fine forgiveness abuse.


December 17 2013, 21:21:35 UTC 4 months ago

I think this is why I don't like mobile staff checkout. There are several times when I've dealt with an angry patron on the other side of the desk that I was glad after the fact to have that barrier.