clawdine (clawdine) wrote in library_mofo,

i just want to thank all the mofos

So many temper tantrums today. All too stupid and tedious to recap. I just want to thank all the mofos for two things. Thank you for showing me how not to behave. Thank you for being my daily reminder why it is so important for me to continue to take my medications and go to psychotherapy. Thank you, thank you.
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December 18 2013, 17:34:18 UTC 4 months ago

Woof. Solidarity, strength, and good meds and therapy to you.


December 18 2013, 21:24:07 UTC 4 months ago

patrons or coworkers? Good for you for taking the right lesson from the parade of mofos. The answer is not to become mofos ourselves, but to vent, take meds, go to therapy, get exercise, etc....


December 19 2013, 01:24:17 UTC 4 months ago

Wooooooord. It's amazing what a bunch of mofos will do for one's desire to stay in therapy...

also fistbump of solidarity.


December 19 2013, 13:28:11 UTC 3 months ago

fist bump seconded....