RoseFyre (rosefyre) wrote in library_mofo,
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Seriously? I mean, seriously?

In today's files in antics of the teenage boys we have one kid putting a plastic bag over another kid's head. It didn't get anywhere near closing, and it was one of those cheap CVS bags, so pretty easy to rip through, but still. There are things that are Not Okay and

I wasn't even the librarian at the desk - I was in the middle of doing some shelving, since our usual Monday page is on vacation this week - but I saw it happen and immediately reacted because just no. Seriously, so much no.
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December 31 2013, 00:48:11 UTC 3 months ago

And guess who probably would've gotten sued into the next millennium if the kid had suffocated.


December 31 2013, 01:05:54 UTC 3 months ago

I was just thinking this.


December 31 2013, 01:16:55 UTC 3 months ago

I know, right?


December 31 2013, 02:23:03 UTC 3 months ago

*sigh* Yeah for me, that would have been an immediate "see you in 2014!"



December 31 2013, 05:28:14 UTC 3 months ago

Yeah, I wasn't actually in charge at that moment, so I didn't kick them out. Luckily for my sanity, they left pretty quickly after that.


December 31 2013, 07:44:54 UTC 3 months ago

Oh my, is that user icon available? I am willing to credit ANYBODY.


December 31 2013, 16:16:52 UTC 3 months ago

Let's see, according to my info, lothy made the base, and I added the text myself. So feel free to use with credit.


December 31 2013, 08:05:42 UTC 3 months ago

So very much no and good on you for reacting to it.