libsrevenge (libsrevenge) wrote in library_mofo,

Centralized Programming ???????

Sooooo I have been going though a lot of changes at my library lately and a big one is centralized programming. I realize that this is supposed to be a good thing but I feel that I have been completely cut out of my job description and am now left only in customer service as a door greeter. They have taken all programming responsibility and farmed it out to the para professionals and part time employees in the main library under the direction of the Youth Services Manager. I have to tried to talk to the manager a few times about the professional children librarians role in this whole process but this person has a tendancy to get immediately defensive if anything is questioned.

Does anyone else work with centralized programming and what their role is or if cutout, what else have they turned to to make an impact in their library? I have talked to my manager about it but I've pretty much been told to just let it go and wait to see how it all unfolds. My fear is that if I don't keep track of things, I'll have been completed yanked off my feet and unable to influence any positive outcomes towards my duties, position, etc. At this point, why does what I do now, "overpaid door greeter", require a masters if I'm not utilizing it?

Don't want to complain, just want to adapt and make the best of a situation until other things can move me elsewhere or forward. 😯
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