The Empress (bossieboots) wrote in library_mofo,

your moderator would like to point out...

...that on October 15 our little community of malcontents will be ten years old. Motherfucker!
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January 12 2014, 21:31:51 UTC 3 months ago

Ha! The comm and I share a motherfucking birthday.


January 13 2014, 21:00:01 UTC 3 months ago

Well, hello there, my twin!


January 12 2014, 21:43:54 UTC 3 months ago

I'm an October baby as well :-D I have been on LJ since 2003 and I have no idea how I didn't know this community didn't exist until last year :-)


January 14 2014, 01:09:50 UTC 3 months ago

You needn't feel like the Lone Ranger; I only discovered this comm about a month ago, when it was featured on LJ's homepage. (My nom de net is my Chinese zodiac sign, which should allow you to deduce my age.)


January 14 2014, 17:04:34 UTC 3 months ago

Wait! What? We were featured? Hot damn!


January 13 2014, 01:53:48 UTC 3 months ago

And yet, the well of material we draw from never seems to dry up or repeat itself.


January 13 2014, 02:07:46 UTC 3 months ago

all hail the crazy world of library land!


January 13 2014, 13:44:06 UTC 3 months ago

Fuckin' A right on yeah!


January 13 2014, 19:25:38 UTC 3 months ago



January 13 2014, 19:58:07 UTC 3 months ago

When I found this community, I was a senior in college.

...Jesus, I'm getting old.


January 13 2014, 21:32:47 UTC 3 months ago

It's all relative, kiddo! When I discovered this community, I was a public reference librarian and am now retired after 25 years. I'm my late 50's and feeling younger all the time (um, except for increasing aches & pains)!


January 16 2014, 19:14:14 UTC 3 months ago

Thank you for putting the community together. I'm curious - what are some of the most interesting posts you remember? I would love a follow up on the chair problem that someone wrote in about a few years back. There was a subordinate worker who kept snaking her chair and even got her high school son to take it over? That problem was just so out of left field and tricky.


January 19 2014, 21:15:34 UTC 3 months ago

" I'm curious - what are some of the most interesting posts you remember?"

Things found as bookmarks. I seem to remember banana peel, bacon, pizza, and a dead frog.