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This isn't the Friendly Table at MCL*--okay?

Dear fellow library patrons at the next computer terminal:

I get it: the past is a different country; as seniors, you find yourself inhabiting the present as immigrants, In A World where everyday life relies upon proficiency with all this stuff that only Dick Tracy and the crew of the Enterprise used to use. I'm willing to help you, to the extent of my own modest understanding, with your computer questions.

But, now that you know how to copy and paste or whatever, could you please proceed with your business and leave me to mine? Please?

(Psst--wanna know another fun thing about the Internet? You can find a whole blogosphere full of people who will be delighted to share your opinions about President Obama at length, and length, and bloody interminable length.)

*MCL is an Indiana and western Ohio restaurant chain with an older-skewing clientele; the "Friendly Table" is a table designated for diners who may have arrived alone but will welcome the company of strangers.
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January 15 2014, 16:15:55 UTC 3 months ago

there are two kinds of people in the world--those who can pick up on social cues meaning "don't talk to me" and those who can't.


January 15 2014, 16:20:19 UTC 3 months ago

I had never heard of a friendly table until now. What a great concept. I have problems when I try to take a great book to read into a restaurant to read. It seems like each time some poor sap of a waiter or waitress thinks that it is open season on me to start chatting me up about inane things. I wish there was a table concept like that around here that I could send them to. I can assure you all that my authors are way more interesting then my waitstaff.