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Big red book of the Jews' cousin

A Frequent Request
Submitted by: Unknown (via Retail Hell Underground)

I found this during my lunch break on Failblog (Monday thru Friday Failing in the workplace) and laughed out loud.  Thank goodness no one was in the department at the time.
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February 28 2014, 19:36:47 UTC 1 month ago



February 28 2014, 19:52:38 UTC 1 month ago

Next time we get low on displays at one of my libraries, I'm totally doing one like this! I love it.


February 28 2014, 20:25:12 UTC 1 month ago

This is awesome!


February 28 2014, 21:01:37 UTC 1 month ago

Wonderful, thanks for sharing!


February 28 2014, 21:01:49 UTC 1 month ago

You KNOW someone's going to come and and say "not that blue book, the other one!"


March 1 2014, 00:01:08 UTC 1 month ago

Hahaha. I'm a lurker. But I had to say how much I love this!

"I need a book for [insert whomever here]" errr.... OK. Need more!


March 1 2014, 05:00:59 UTC 1 month ago

Hilarious. And everyone has a story of how they managed to find that book with nothing more than the color and some odd details.


March 1 2014, 05:27:32 UTC 1 month ago

Love it!!


March 1 2014, 07:35:27 UTC 1 month ago

And if it isn't blue, it's got flowers on it. 6 years in the trenches at Borders, and I think I knew just about every book in the store with a blue cover.


March 1 2014, 08:29:31 UTC 1 month ago

My local used book store did the same thing with books, but in honor of St Patrick's Day their display was "I don't remember the title, but the cover was green". :)


March 1 2014, 10:13:53 UTC 1 month ago



March 1 2014, 15:35:48 UTC 1 month ago

That must have been so satisfying. :)


March 2 2014, 00:01:49 UTC 1 month ago

I'm putting my thumb up, too.


March 2 2014, 15:23:18 UTC 1 month ago

OTOH, I actually WISH that binding color was an optional element of the MARC record. Sometimes it WOULD be a useful way of narrowing down a search. And there was one time, when I realized that I had cross-mailed two ILLs by putting them in the wrong envelopes. So I called up one of the libraries and at first they were "well we have a pile of these so I'm not sure I could find it." Well is was a conference proceeding from the SPIE, so I said "It's a large, yellow softbound book." "Oh here it is."


March 3 2014, 20:32:35 UTC 1 month ago

MARC records have some user-defineable fields, right? So a particular library can start recording colors of books as of the date that the policy is implemented... it would still be a pretty local thing.


March 4 2014, 03:21:43 UTC 1 month ago

Someone posted this on my Facebook page and I have been laughing all day at it.

I would love to post something like this at our library.