Amy (evila_elf) wrote in library_mofo,

Leaky library

My library building is almost 10 years old. I have worked in the old building for several years, then this new one.

After about two years in the new one, during a heavy rain, the ceiling started to leak along the light fixtures over our Large Print section. The books were fine.

We had it fixed.

Next year. Same thing. Same place.

Rinse repeat almost every year. With a few bonus leaks upstairs in our storage area.

We did go 2 or 3 years with no leaks. In a row! Then, last spring (which is different, normally only happens in the fall), it leaked again, AND over the windows right next to the books.

And, yet again, a few weeks ago. And way worse than normal. Carpets soaked, one of the buckets we put out had almost 6 inches of water in it. And it soaked the ceiling tiles in our meeting room on the other side of the library and a few tiles fell down. AND the men's room ceiling is bubbling.

After nearly 10 years of leaks, who the fuck knows what our walls look like and what is growing in there.

And we finally found out a little of what the problem is, even though the last few times they blamed moss <---wtf?

--We are in Washington. The roof they 'gave us' is designed for dryer areas, like California.
--The person who installed the roof didn't know that. And the roof needed to have a gap on the edges to allow water to pass. Which didn't happen.

--Now no one wants to repair the roof - probably because we have gone through every repair person in the state.

BUT!!! It looks like we will finally be getting a new roof! I am thrilled! So tired of having to check everywhere when we get a heavy rain to see if we have any more leaks *dances*
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