full_metal_ox (full_metal_ox) wrote in library_mofo,

Could you least keep your hit-and-run health woo internally consistent?

(Not a library-specific problem, but that happened to be the venue.)

I get it; my halting arthritic limp and Zootopia-slothlike pace seem to be an open invitation to the Dr. Fixit in some people--most recently a fellow library patron who (unasked) cheerfully recommended that I:

(A): Eliminate nightshade vegetables from my diet, and

(B): Take massive capsaicin supplements.

Although both are frequent New age health strategies--the former being rooted in macrobiotics (apparently nightshade plants are just too danged yin, as well as keeping dangerous botanical company) and the latter in capsaicin's demonstrated pain-relieving properties--I just bet that a lot of you erudite folks out there can spot something wrong with the above combination of instructions.
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